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Midnight Majesty - NEW

Midnight Majesty - NEW

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Size: Medium 

Introducing Midnight Majesty, the epitome of luxury and sophistication. This meticulously crafted American Rhythm dress boasts intricate lines and bold  embellishments, including sapphire and capri crystals. The fun and flirty skirt adds a touch of playfulness, while the gown as a whole exudes glamour and confidence. Make a lasting impression at your next ballroom competition or showcase event with this exquisite masterpiece.

Accessories not included

Size XS S M L XL
Bust 31 -33 34 -36 37-38 40- 41 1/2 42-45
Waist 22-24 25-27 28-29 31 1/2 -34 35-37
Hip 32 -35 36 -37 1/2 38-40 1/2 41-43 1/2 44-47

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